Mentoring & coaching

Mayet Consulting provides one-to-one mentoring and coaching for individuals in all areas of Early Years education.

Mayet Consulting can support you to develop increased confidence and skills to take the next step in the development of your setting. Coaching and mentoring provide opportunities to talk and think in a safe, confidential place.

We will support you to become an even more skilful and reflective leader; to innovate to meet challenges, maintain and further develop an outstanding staff team.

By giving yourself time to think, and stretch your thinking, you will recognise your strengths and identify areas to boost your own performance and that of your setting.

One to one coaching and mentoring from Mayet Consulting is a supportive process where you set goals, find solutions to “knotty issues” and learn how to maximize your performance as a leader and manager.

“Anne helped me enormously during the early part of my career by supporting me to identify not only my strengths but also my areas for further development. She encouraged me to look at further education opportunities (MA) and acted as very useful critical friend during my studies. Anne is very good at spotting the potential in individuals and giving them the encouragement to progress and succeed” — Matthew Biggs, Local Authority Early Years Project Manager

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