The value and insight gained by working with others

When you work for yourself it can sometimes be difficult to get a depth of thinking because we all approach new ideas from our own perspective. This does not diminish ones own experience but there is the potential that our thinking becomes narrow or worse still dogmatic. Of course, reading and research help but there is something really energising about having face to face professional dialogue with others.

So, I really appreciated the experience of working with a number of wonderful people from local authorities and my colleagues at A+ Education.

When I set out on this independent journey in 2013 I knew that I wanted to focus on making a difference for young children by working to extend and develop the skills of Early Years practitioners.

I strongly believe that the value of reflecting both in and on practice enables us to continually improve what we do. For many years I kept a reflective journal which helped me to consider how and why my professional practice had unfolded. This was a very useful analytical tool and I gained a number of insights which at times surprised me.

However, the depth of knowledge and respectful challenge from other committed and hard working colleagues really motivates and inspires me to think even more deeply about what I do and how I carry out my work.

How do you ensure you do not become set in your ways?

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